About us

Fauna Útil was established in the year 2000 with the objective of developing and marketing biological products for the control of pests and diseases in agricultural and forestry productions in order to respect the environment, obtaining the most natural productions possible with the minimum of waste, complying with integrated production and organic production.

We carry out our own research or R+D+i projects in collaboration with research centers, public administrations, companies in the sector, farms, mountain communities and individuals.

To carry out our objective, we unite Galician economic capital, our experience and a motivated and trained team that guarantees the future of this new sector.

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Our activities

Production of beneficial insects for the control of forest pests

Technical advice on plant health

Production of selected ornamental plant

Development of new products in collaboration with companies and research centers

Committed to the environment

Our values

R+D+i is a fundamental part of the company for the development of new products and services.

Through the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption, we are committed to renewable energy, energy savings and efficiency.

The company is committed to promoting local development and promotes the hiring of rural-based workers.

In recent years, flexible work hours have been promoted in order to favor work and family reconciliation.

Since its inception, the company has been committed to the labor integration of people with functional diversity, making it effective since its creation.

Our partners

Gonipterus platensis

Galls on chestnut

Anaphes nitens parasitizing ooteca of Gonipterus

Canker on chestnut

Gonipterus p. larvae
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