Advice on matters of
plant health

At Fauna Útil, we offer technical advice on plant health to help you improve the conditions of your crop. If you detect abnormal symptoms or the presence of insects or mites in your crop, do not hesitate to contact us.

What information should you provide us?

1 .

History of pests or diseases on the farm or in nearby areas.

Description of the symptoms of the disease, presence of insects or mites or other abnormal symptoms in the crop.

2 .

3 .

If possible, attach photographs of the symptoms.

If you want to send us a sample for analysis, you must take into account the following considerations.

Important considerations

If any phytosanitary treatment has been applied, it is advisable to wait at least a period of 15 days to carry out the sampling.

Disinfect the sampling material each time it is used so as not to spread the infection and separate the different types of plant material into different bags, identifying them with the same reference to know that they correspond to the same sample.

Once the sample is obtained, it must be kept in a cool and dry place until it is delivered, and it must be sent to the laboratory as soon as possible. Damp materials should be avoided, but if this is not possible, they should be wrapped in newspaper and placed in an open plastic bag.


A living insect

In the case of detecting pests caused by insects or mites, several live individuals should be sent on the plant material on which they feed in a cardboard or plastic box with holes to facilitate their breathing.

A dead insect

When dead insects are sent, they must be placed in a 50% water and alcohol solution, except for lepidoptera (butterflies and moths).

Damaged crop

When a diagnosis of diseases is desired, it is recommended to take samples of the affected parts of the crop (root, stem, leaves, fruits, soil, etc.). Rotten or dead plants should not be sent.

Soil analysis

If you want to do a phytopathological analysis of the soil, you must send 1 kg of sample.

Essays and Projects

Además del diagnóstico y el asesoramiento, en Fauna Útil ofrecemos otros servicios:

Experimental design

Isolation, identification and evaluation of strains of beneficial fungi

Pathogenicity tests

Evaluation of the antifungal potential of plant extracts and other products

Preparation of reports

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